AM1 Projects design and deliver, complex multi disciplinary rail projects of varying scales and complexities, spanning the    South-East networks.

Our collective experiences, gained within the rail industry over many years, provides all our clients with a superior level of knowledge within the field of DC Electrification, ETE and ETM works. 

We take pride in our work and our teams, focusing on each project’s unique requirements.

Highly Trained Staff

All our staff are fully trained and qualified to the level required to deliver their work safely and effectively, with senior staff able to provide consultancy as recognised railway electrification specialists.

Fleet & Plant

We privately own, manage, a centrally located 24/7 access storage unit that is safe, secure and run by our dedicated, experienced stores team.

Available to work on Demand

We pride ourselves in offering turnkey project solutions - providing comprehensive services to meet the most demanding projects.
Allowing us to be available 24/7 supporting our clients needs and full project delivery.

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