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Commitment to Training


At AM1 Projects Ltd we believe that there should be no barriers to entry and no limits to ambition.

We are dedicated to training our staff at all levels, and we want to nurture their desire to progress from Apprentice to Senior Managers. We believe that, to a large extent, our capacity for competitiveness and knowledge is dependent upon the commitment and knowledge of our staff.

We are a pro-tech company and are always looking to implement new innovations within AM1. Training at AM1 Projects Ltd starts from the very beginning of employment with our outstanding, thorough and comprehensive induction programme. Our induction programme welcomes high quality staff who have been handpicked by us. AM1 Projects Ltd employees have access to a wide range of training measures, from hands-on, in house training on general Company-related issues, delivered by our highly experienced team, to specific training within the Railway Electrification industry enabling our staff to take on bigger and more complex projects.

The educational opportunities and development programmes at AM1 Projects Ltd enable staff to continue to develop throughout their working lives and constantly deepen their knowledge. They also learn from more experienced colleagues who are experts in their fields. All of our training combines theoretical content with practical, on the job experience and specific tasks, as we understand that people learn from their mistakes. We have a deeply embedded culture for constant improvement and we nurture growth within the high paced evolving environment and industry that we work within. AM1 Projects Ltd assist in the professional development of young people at the start of their careers embarking on an apprenticeship in both an administration and a on track capacity, and we are committed to their ongoing development even after their apprenticeship has been completed.